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Come Visit Cyber COAST and Verodin at 2018 DCO Symposium, 15-17 May, Baltimore MD

Join Cyber COAST and Verodin at the 2018 AFCEA DCO Symposium, 15-17 May at the Baltimore Convention Center.  We’ll show you how to measure and improve your security.  

Finally, there is a way to measure and manage your actual security against real threats.   

We had our a-ha moment last year.  Security Instrumentation finally allows you to test, measure, and prove your security posture.  It is powerful stuff, but easy to use and here to stay. 

Cyber COAST is excited to share with you our results from our recent proof of concept of the Verodin Security Instrumentation Platform on a government network.  Over the course of three short iterations, was a 370% increase in threats blocked and a 180% increase in threats detected and logged.

Now the only question to you, is when would you like your demo to have your own a-ha moment?  Come discuss these results and get a demo at the upcoming DCO Symposium, 15-17 May at the Baltimore Convention Center.  Cyber COAST and Verodin will be at booth 579.  Reserve a specific time by contacting us at

Department of Defense uses cases

  • Identify and remove unnecessary tools
  • Instrument and optimize current cybersecurity stack
  • Identify cybersecurity portfolio gaps
  • Train and evaluate Cyber Protection and Mission Defense teams
  • Evaluate effectiveness of new and proposed cybersecurity tools

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