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Are You Ready? Know the Outcome. Invest with Confidence.

Our solutions reveal cybersecurity readiness and provide recommendations based the unique customer profile. We help customers know the outcome of adversary actions before they occur so they can make confident investment decisions based on results not marketing.


We’ve been improving security for over 20 years

Born out of U.S. military innovation, the SightGain team understands the theory, strategy, and application of effective cybersecurity programs. We’ve literally been to war in cyberspace and emerged victorious.

Our software is purpose-built from these lessons to provide our clients lasting value. We do our best work “in the trenches” helping our implement pragmatic and lasting solutions. We don’t bring an army of high-priced consultants — we simply bring security solutions focused on our customer’s mission.

You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure

SightGain uses representative malicious tactics from across MITRE ATT&CK to generate cybersecurity readiness telemetry on our customer’s production network. Our software analyzes the data to identify readiness gaps, then merges this information with business and intelligence data to recommend solutions that will improve the readiness of cybersecurity people, process, and technology.

There is significant and unnecessary risks in the cybersecurity ecosystem due controls that are not ready to stop cyber threats. Our methods help cybersecurity executives make rapid improvements, facilitate executive level conversations, and ultimately the best cybersecurity investments for the organization. We always keep focused on our mission: optimize cyber readiness for mission, threat, and budget.

Optimize Your Security Investments for Mission, Threat, and Budget.

Our software evaluates the readiness of cybersecurity personnel, security technology, and processes using MITRE ATT&CK threats across all areas of an organization.

We help our customers improve their readiness in every engagement by combining cybersecurity readiness telemetry, threat intelligence, and business data to give the executives and the Board of Directors the information needed to make confident decisions.

Christian Sorensen founded SightGain after serving in key cyber leadership positions USCYBERCOM and the Pentagon. He helped architect the Cyber Mission Forces and deployed to lead an international cyber warfare team for Operation Enduring Freedom.

U.S. Air Force Academy: BS in Operations Research


Stanford University: MS in Engineering Economic Systems and Operations Research


University of Maryland (Smith School of Business): MBA

For more information, visit his LinkedIn profile.

Know the Outcome.
Decide with Confidence.

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