Are Your Cybersecurity Investments Worth It? And How Do You Know?

Organizations spend a significant amount of time and money on cybersecurity. Collectively, businesses are forecast to spend $188.3 billion in 2023 on both information security and risk management, according to a Gartner research study.

It’s not surprising. Cyber crimes are predicted to exceed $8 trillion annually this year and continue to escalate, growing from last year’s record pace. More than half of organizations have experienced a data breach as a result of a third party in the past 12 months. Major players have already experienced major breaches in the first month of the new year, including Twitter, Chick-fil-A, PayPal, Mailchimp, and T-Mobile.

Despite the investments organizations make in their cybersecurity, few have the confidence that they are protected. One recent IBM report demonstrated this clearly:

  • The majority of organizations surveyed reported they were unprepared to respond efficiently to cybersecurity incidents.
  • 77% do not have a formal incident response plan across their organization.
  • Of those that do have a plan, 54% do not test plans regularly.

A SANS report said nearly one in five SecOps leaders did not have confidence they could effectively mitigate risk.

How confident are you in your ability to protect your assets and effectively mitigate threats? And, how do you know?

Understanding ROI and Effectiveness

Traditionally, ROI for cybersecurity has been difficult — if not impossible — to prove. To understand the cybersecurity ROI, you need to know three things:

  1. The value of what you are protecting
  2. How much you are spending on your cybersecurity solutions
  3. How well your security performs

While most companies have the answer to numbers one and two, few are aware of how their cybersecurity performs against real-world threats.

Annual Risk Assessments Are Ineffective

Annual risk assessments or penetration tests pinpoint problems at a point in time, but the landscape changes continuously. While they might help prepare you for known threats, they are largely ineffective against evolving threats. Considering that more than 450,000 pieces of malware are discovered every day, yesterday’s clean bill of health is no longer valid tomorrow.

At the same time, even if you fix every security gap that exists at a point in time, new endpoint devices, additional threat vectors, new vendors, third parties, and remote connectivity mean your network is never static.

Continuous, Real-Time Threat Exposure Testing

Deploying security products does not mean you are protected. In most cases, these products only tell you what they are stopping or catching — not what you are missing. As new threats emerge and cybercriminals continue to evolve attack strategies, you need continuous testing of your systems using real-time threat exposure data.

You also need to recognize that technology is only part of the process of deploying an efficient and effective cyber defense. You must also have the right processes and training to mitigate threats. Testing has to include the people and the processes they use to assess and quantify risk.

How SightGain Proves ROI and Improves Effectiveness

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how all of your cybersecurity investments work together and whether they work effectively? That’s what SightGain does.

Our Threat Exposure Management Platform quantifies risk exposure, finds defensive gaps, and produces a prioritized roadmap to improve performance, including:

  • Likelihood of breaches
  • High-priority threat rankings
  • Organization risk posture
  • Financial exposure
  • Data loss and downtime potential
  • Improvement roadmaps

Not only can you immediately see your risk, but you can easily monitor exposure and team performance over time. Evaluate your performance against risk analysis frameworks, such as NIST 800-53, ISO 217001, Zero Trust, govCAR, CMMC, and MITRE ATT&CK, across your entire enterprise.

SightGain also lets you put your processes and SOC team members to test with live-fire training based on emerging threats. The world’s first live-fire cybersecurity training platform is designed to help you reduce MTTR by safely executing malicious attacks on your production system to find gaps in your processes and analyst skill sets. Analysts are then assigned customized training based on performance to drive rapid improvement.

Together, these tools not only help you improve your security posture, but they also validate your SecOps strategy and performance against real-world threats, providing the comprehensive visibility you need to effectively prove — and improve — your organization’s security.

Go Beyond Breach and Attack Simulations

With SightGain, you can:

  • Find security gaps and redundancies in your people, processes, and tech stack
  • Measure the effectiveness of your SecOps analysts against real threats
  • Test and train analysts within your production environment in real-time
  • Quantify risk, including the likelihood and financial impact of breaches

Interested in learning more? Connect with SightGain today and schedule a demo.