Automated Cybersecurity Assessments for MSSPs

How to Leverage Them for Happy Customers & Maximum Profits

Leading Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are increasingly adopting automated cybersecurity risk assessments to better serve their customers and enhance their profit margins. Automated cybersecurity assessments provide a comprehensive report that can be used to complete compliance requirements, optimize current operations, evaluate new solutions, and conduct purple team exercises — among other types of assessments. Testing against the threats drives improved outcomes, while automating the assessment process is key to saving time and money for your solution. Furthermore, they help MSSPs protect their customers against cyber threats by providing continuous security testing and automated risk assessment scores.

Testing Against Threats Across MITRE ATT&CK

The best way for MSSPs to leverage automated cybersecurity assessments is by using the right tools. There are several tools available in the market such as Atomic Red Team, Mandiant Security Validation, AttackIQ, etc., that can be used to assess the security performance of an organization’s network. These tools provide detailed reports on the performance of your security technology. It’s also important to evaluate how the performance of customers automated processes, analytics, and personnel are performing across your customer’s entire cybersecurity ecosystem. Tools like SightGain were built to make this possible.

The Automated Cybersecurity Assessment Process

Apart from using the right tools, there are certain best practices that MSSPs should follow while leveraging automated cybersecurity assessments. They should ensure that all systems are regularly monitored and updated with the latest security patches. Additionally, they should conduct regular risk assessments of their customer networks and use remote approaches whenever possible to reduce costs and risks associated with on-site visits. These can be important contributing factors to ensure your customers get what they need, while you have a predictable path to increased profits.


Automated cybersecurity assessments offer numerous advantages for both MSSPs as well as their customers. For MSSPs, these assessments help them save time and money while ensuring they provide objective results that traditional manual assessments cannot match; whereas for customers it provides peace of mind knowing that their solutions are maintaining their performance against threats and businesses are protected. Moreover, these assessments also help customers identify potential weaknesses in their networks before they become major issues thus reducing downtime due to system failure or data breaches significantly.

In conclusion, automated cybersecurity assessments provide a great opportunity for MSSPs to gain a competitive edge over other service providers in the market while increasing profits at the same time. By following best practices such as using the right tools and conducting automated threat assessments of customer networks MSSPs can ensure maximum protection for their customers against cyber threats while providing superior services at an affordable cost.