Cyber COAST Accepted into C5 Accelerator

Cyber COAST is thrilled to be working with C5 Accelerator to secure our digital future by leveraging our risk scoring and advanced live fire analyst evaluation technology to optimize cybersecurity investments.

C5 Accelerate (C5A), a global business accelerator based in Washington, DC, is thrilled to announce its 7th accelerator program, designed to give early-stage startups that are helping to build urban resiliency access to investors, advanced mentorship, leadership development, and business development support.

C5’s Spring cohort is focused on urban resiliency, specifically on helping to scale the diverse set of technologies which will make cities resilient, inclusive, and sustainable. Many of these technologies sit at the nexus of C5’s core strengths in cyber, space, AI, and cloud technologies. Innovators must focus on how to make urban environments more resilient for a digital future. Three million new people move into cities every week and by 2050 nearly 70% of the global population is expected to live in cities. The aggregate demand for technologies to address this market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.4% to USD $717
Billion by 2023. These trends add fresh urgency to the need to build cities that are ready for a digital future.

The program held its welcome event on 4 May and launches its world-class curriculum on 11 May. These companies will benefit from C5A’s proven track record and ability to bring together global leaders, experts, mentors, and venture investors. The 13-week program will take founders and their leadership teams through a leadership development program, supported with tailored workshops on business development. The program will culminate in the opportunity to connect with a number of venture capital firms across North America and Europe, where startups will be given the opportunity to present to C5A’s extensive network as well as hear from leading figures from across government, business, academia, and enterprise.

Christian Sorensen, President and Managing Director at the Cyber COAST, said “We are thrilled to join the C5 Urban Resiliency Cohort. We have developed amazing products that bring significant new value to the cybersecurity and risk market. C5 recognized this value early and through their accelerator program, will help us realize our potential by refining the messaging and introducing our products to their established and robust ecosystem. C5 is a great community and they are already helping us get to the next level.”

Kurt Scherer Managing Partner at C5 Accelerate, commented, “We’re delighted to launch our 7th accelerator program, despite the current pandemic environment. The mission of these leaders and their companies is too important to delay, so we decided to push forward strongly in a virtual manner. We have carefully selected nine forward-thinking startups, all developing technological innovations that could make a significant contribution to the future protection and resiliency of our cities. Our mission at C5 Accelerate is to accelerate the growth of companies that are developing leading solutions in this space. Through our 13-week program we’re confident we can help these leaders and their teams unlock the potential of their startups.”

About C5 Accelerate

C5 Accelerate is part of the C5 Enterprise, which includes C5 Capital and C5 Philanthropy. C5 Accelerate has been designing and leading startup acceleration programs since 2016. 81 startups from 44 countries have graduated from our world-class acceleration program.

C5 is focused on finding the world class leaders and technologies in cybersecurity, space, AI, and cloud-based technologies.

The investment team is led by seasoned executives, known for their experience, performance, accountability, and integrity. Their work is enhanced by a unique network of strategic partners who are leaders in commerce, technology, industry, geopolitics, academia, and government.

C5 is connected to global strategic partners and our network consists of hundreds of highly skilled and reputable mentors from multiple sectors and countries to include SAP NS2, Hudson Sandler, and others.