What Is Cybersecurity Readiness?

You’ve already learned about the first three Cybersecurity Readiness First Principles:

  1. Be Clear on What You Are Protecting
  2. Take a Threat-Based Approach to Cybersecurity
  3. Consider: How Do We Protect It?

Now it’s time to break it down and answer the question: What is cybersecurity readiness? Cybersecurity readiness gives you the hard data you need to confidently identify gaps in your security against the threats you face, make rapid performance improvements, build a business case for future cybersecurity investments, and retire old systems that are no longer performing well. It is now possible to measure how well your people, processes, and technology are working so you can run a cybersecurity program with confidence.

In this video, you’ll get an overview of this game-changing principle, which is the fundamental strategy guiding everything we do at SightGain. Watch the video below.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:29 SightGain’s Cybersecurity Readiness Program
0:54 Readiness Approach
1:21 Cybersecurity Readiness Principles
1:33 SightGain Outcomes
1:53 Critical Information

So for this next section, we’re going to talk about cybersecurity readiness, the fundamental blocking and tackling of what we do at SightGain. Put simply, people often think cybersecurity should just work. It deals with digital information and threats should be easy to stop. The reality is more complicated, and a lot of things have to go right in order for cybersecurity to work.

0:29 SightGain’s Cybersecurity Readiness Program

Once you have a readiness program, you will have the hard data you need to identify gaps, make rapid improvements, build business cases for future investments, and even retire old or outdated systems that are no longer performing.

Overall this approach increases the confidence that leaders need to make decisions for their cybersecurity programs. Especially as organizations grow, reality gets more complicated and the solutions are harder to provide.

0:54 Readiness Approach

In the military, we use the term readiness to describe an organization’s ability to accomplish its assigned mission. As a squadron commander, I not only had to understand this mission but understand the training and performance required from our people, process, and systems in order to accomplish our objectives.

1:21 Cybersecurity Readiness Principles

In the cybersecurity industry now, we’re really technology-focused without really understanding the performance of that technology in lieu of the threats. Cyber readiness framework uses malicious activity to test whether your people, processing technology, are ready to prevent, detect, and respond. So here’s the cool part.

1:33 SightGain Outcomes

We can measure all of these things now and provide very descriptive, and deep empiric telemetry data across all of your people processing technology to show you what’s working and what’s not, and where you have problems.

Hop on over to our cybersecurity anatomy video to really see how we unpack all of that data.

1:53 Critical Information

So what type of information can we provide by using this approach? We can tell you what your efficiency is, how effective your systems are, are your automated systems contributing the most or are you still relying on your manual systems, how well are those personnel responding to threats that are out there, and then at the end of the day, how many threats are you missing completely.

Organizations can set up their own manual processes to evaluate their readiness. However, we found that bringing together an automated platform will allow you to do this analysis easily and completely over time.

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