How to Purple Team Your People

Purple team exercises are an important part of security readiness. But how do you know if your security operations center (SOC) personnel are actually learning from those Purple Team exercises? How well will they be able to apply what they’ve learned in a real attack?

Up until now, Purple Teaming has ignored personnel responses. New innovations in attack analytics are changing this so you can Purple Team the entire security stack, including your security personnel.

The Atomic Foundation

Your use of atomic threat emulation testing (or breach and attack) lays a strong foundation for Purple Team exercises. It provides your Red Team with the capability to safely execute relevant attacks across the production environment. It also helps the Blue Team, since they will be responding to these test scenarios using the exact same technology stack that they use for real-life threats.

The the latest threat intelligence also helps the Blue Team become more familiar with preventing and detecting recent attacks for which they need to fortify their defenses. Since threat intelligence tracks the threat landscape as it changes, your Purple Team exercises can evolve with the threat landscape.

The foundation of atomic testing puts the technical and threat intelligence parts of a successful Purple Team program into place. However, executing relevant tests is only part of the picture.

This is where SightGain comes in.

The SightGain Advantage: Personnel Testing & Training

SightGain enhances threat emulation testing by enabling SOC analysts to practice against real threats in the live production environment and then receive individualized curriculum based on their results.

SightGain enables you to visualize the performance gaps across your people, showing you their strengths and weaknesses. Then, SightGain allows you to assign specific training modules to individual analysts based on the improvements they need to make. As a result, your people can make rapid improvements in the skills most necessary to defend your business.

Live-fire training paired with the ability to track and measure improvements is the only way to actually know how your business will fare against a real-world cyberattack and brings in that missing piece of Purple Teaming — personnel analysis.

Optimize Your Purple Teaming with SightGain

SightGain works with a number of threat emulation providers to make your Purple Team assessments more effective than ever. With live-fire training exercises, detailed analyst data, and individualized training capabilities, this is a new frontier in training focused on increasing your cyber preparedness.

See for yourself how SightGain can help you strengthen your information security through effective and practical Purple Team exercises with unparalleled analyst visibility. Schedule a demo today!