Service Doesn’t Stop when you Take off the Uniform

How Cyber COAST does staff augmentation differently.

This is what I like best about being a part of a small company, our team has a direct impact on the success of the client and the company. Today’s example is how The Cyber COAST approaches our teaming support for augmenting the staff of our clients with experience and expertise.

My entire Air Force career, I was confused on contractors cost 2.5 times the typical contractor salary. Well, I was confused until I stepped foot into the world of military industrial complex. During one of my first teaming engagements with a traditional big company there was no less than 12 people from their company on the line from around the world. On our side, we had two, which was one more than typical because I still had my training wheels on. The goal was to produce a 5-page response, which most could have completed almost as quickly as the call and certainly didn’t require 12 people. This type of overhead is typical in large government contractors.

What does the Cyber COAST do differently? We hire doers. For example, we’re hiring a person with a Doctorate and our first question was, “we know that you understand what a small business is theoretically, but can you explain what it takes to make a small business successful?” Are you willing to be dedicated full-time to the customer and then helping to grow the company?

The Cyber COAST only hires teammates. The government needs an experienced and steady teammate that can keep progress going during the massive PCS season, surge during special projects, and go the extra mile when necessary. We require our employees to be team members of the client first and then Cyber COAST employees second. If they take care of the customer, the rest will take care of itself.

Finally, and most importantly, we only hire those who want to or want to continue to serve our country. As a five-year veteran of the Pentagon bureaucracy, I know that if you have the right capital A, Airman, you can get almost anything accomplished. A trusted Airman, who just so happens to be a contractor, is an invaluable asset to your mission, navigating the people and processes to accomplish your goals. This includes cross cutting collaboration throughout the specific staff and the Pentagon overall. Our teammates are just as dedicated to serve as any of those in uniform.

If you are looking for a “butts in seat” type of company, I can direct you to a few companies that can fulfill that requirement. If you are looking for a company that only hires service minded doers, then please give The Cyber COAST a call, we’d love to be your teammate in your mission.