The Benefits of an Automated ZERO Trust Assessment Tool

After a record-breaking 2022, the Center for Internet Security (CIS) notes that cyber threats continue to escalate at “unprecedented levels.” Successfully protecting networks and assets require more effective methods, like zero trust. Getting to an effective zero trust implementation is a journey that must be managed over time.

The Benefits of an Automated Zero Trust Assessment Tool

Automating the zero-trust assessment process can speed progress along this journey by ensuring adequate protection against emerging threats while refining the performance of security tools, processes, and teams. Zero trust assessment automation provides significant benefits, including:

Increased Precision and Consistency

Assessment automation reduces the potential for human error and subjective reviews that can occur with manual assessments. Automated tools provide empirical data, generating accurate and consistent measurements for benchmarks and performance monitoring.

Applying zero trust criteria uniformly validates scoping during each assessment — improving precision and removing bias.

Efficiency in Time and Resource Utilization

Automation also maximizes assessment value without tying up resources.

SightGain helps optimize and automate security assessment processes by reducing the time it takes to complete an assessment by half. Not only does this provide faster insights, but it can also reduce costs by up to 75% compared to traditional manual assessment methods.

Ensuring Proactive Threat Detection and Response

At the same time, automated security solutions provide ongoing evaluations to ensure systems continue to identify and respond to the latest threats. They utilize the latest threat intelligence to execute tests of new threats to keep pace with the needs of the organization.

Performance gaps are automatically prioritized based on real-world threats to facilitate quick action on the most important issues. Security team response is also evaluated to ensure response times are meeting standards.

Comprehensive and Customizable Reporting

Automated zero trust assessments provide a detailed examination of zero trust system performance that can uncover potential issues within an organization. Reporting is flexible and can be customized to focus on different segments of environments and business needs. SightGain reports prioritize security gaps within your network, your security tools, processes, or people.

Using SightGain to Automate Zero Trust Assessments

SightGain analyzes the actual techniques adversaries use to bypass security controls. SightGain maps system performance against threat techniques to the Zero Trust controls to measure and evaluate how those controls are performing.

SightGain quantifies compliance in real-time across multiple cybersecurity frameworks including zero trust, MITRE ATT&CK, NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, CMMC, and more. As frameworks change, our platform updates automatically so you can remain in compliance.

Let SightGain automate your zero-trust assessments and improve your security posture. Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one demo.