About SightGain

Reveal your hidden cybersecurity ROI

Cybersecurity fails silently. Organizations often only know of failures after they have been breached. Knowing what’s blocked is easy, but knowing what’s missing has been hard — until now.

The SightGain threat exposure management platform was created to enable organizations to measure, analyze, and improve the actual performance of their cybersecurity investments against the threats they face. SightGain proactively tests the efficacy of your security controls and uses the results to inform operations all the way to the board.

Stay Safe with Continuous Cybersecurity Readiness

The security industry has many external ratings, vulnerability rankings, and black-box vendor scoring systems — but proving how you’d truly perform against a threat BEFORE they target you? That was difficult before SightGain.

SightGain is the world’s first threat intelligence and exposure platform that cuts through the noise and proactively makes the unknown known — allowing you to directly measure the performance of your cybersecurity investments against the threats they are supposed to stop. Read more about our approach.

Why SightGain?

SightGain is the first technology of its kind that marries IT and finance for you to solve the ongoing challenge of balancing investments and cyber risk. Organizations require the ability to continuously prove and improve their cybersecurity risk management capabilities, and  SightGain tests your entire security ecosystem –  people, processes, and technology.

SightGain is the only way to ensure that you are getting the security protection you expect for the investments you made.

We enable live-fire assessments in order to analyze real-time security performance to give you the most accurate view of your SecOps. We offer predictive analytics and specific recommendations to improve your configurations and abilities to defend against real threats.

Founded to Use Real Performance Metrics

SightGain came to light while helping customers perform routine security assessments. We knew the questionnaire and compliance-based approach was flawed because it was opinion-based and only provided surrogate metrics of performance. Security vendor opinions of their own coverage couldn’t be trusted to describe operational reality.

We realized we could find the true cybersecurity posture of a program by automating the testing of real-threat attacks against personnel, processes, and technologies. The results provide direct, empiric performance metrics that prove whether organizations could prevent and respond to malicious activity. 

With SightGain’sThreat Exposure Management Platform, you can finally have the performance evidence you need to build a strong case for your security program’s efficacy and ROI.

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Our Approach

Truth Through Empiric Data

We believe that data is better than opinion. Use real data based on real tests in your production environment.

Vendor Agnostic

We work with many partners to deliver stronger security, but our focus is on helping customers reveal their actual performance.

Continual Improvement

Threats evolve and so must security. That’s why we advocate for continual evaluation and improvement, to keep ahead of threats.


SightGain is trusted to keep some of the highest-performing security organizations at their peak defensive posture.


We’re proud to work with, and bring together performance data from, leading security providers — helping organizations trust and maximize their use of security investments, and being the first platform that improves people and processes by providing performance analytics using your security program tools in your environment.

Driven to reveal

The SightGain team is driven every day to give organizations an accurate, true perspective on their security posture — without bias or blindspots. We have been on the front lines of this challenge and have dedicated ourselves to helping security teams become more resilient, ready, and effective.

Our Industry Perspective

Black box assessments, vulnerability statistics, and compliance metrics are a poor substitute for directly measuring performance against the threats you face. We believe that testing your security operations in your actual environment is the only way to truly know how you’ll perform against the types of real-world techniques that threaten your data and systems. You need to know if your investments are enough or too much for the threats you face.

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We’re always looking for the best and brightest – people who are dedicated like us to improving security performance.

See. Know. Improve.

Measure and understand your current security posture and see how to make it better and less expensive with SightGain. Get the full value of the investments you’ve already made in your people, processes, and technology — schedule a demo today!