Is Your Service Working?

Has your MSSP/MDR validated their performance against leading threats? Are they responding to all of the threats targeting you or just most of them? Need to validate different vendors?  SightGain can help you answer those questions and more. Test Drive SightGain’s platform to validate performance against real threats. 

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See the exploits MDRs and MSSPs miss.

Evaluate Vendor Performance

You don’t know how your vendors are performing against threats unless you test. That’s what we do.

“SightGain actually tests your current or proposed solutions against the threats you face. The results show a “nutrition label” with empiric evidence to enable fast decision making with supporting data”.

Pat Arvidson
Former NSA Director for Defending DoD Networks

“My team had the opportunity to leverage SightGain and holy cow it was eye opening. Our stack was woefully undertuned”.

Jay Giametta
USAF Cyber Ops Lead

Quick ROI

SightGain provides proactive recommendations to improve the performance of your service providers, processes, and technology. Get the catalyst you need to mature your org.

Know Your Gaps

SightGain enables you to test against the top exploits currently being used in the wild. Many MSSP/MDRs are not blocking, detecting, and alerting on hese.

“The key advantage of SightGain is all levels of the organization can actually see and measure individual Cyber Defender capabilities, skills, training, and learning progress”.

Lt Col (ret) Rob Cowan
Squadron Commander

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