SightGain bolsters it commitment to customers with new VP Field Operations

Nicholas Graham joins SightGain following management roles at Blackpanda and with the U.S. Army Special Forces

Fulton, MD ‒ February 1st, 2021 ‒ SightGain, the only cybersecurity risk management platform that tests and analyzes organizational readiness across people, processes and technology – today announced the appointment of Nick Graham, Vice President of Field Operations.

Nick’s responsibilities include managing SightGain product implementations, integrations, and technical support to make sure that customers are able to stop breaches in their mission-critical IT environments.

“Nick knows what it’s like to be on the front line of the cybersecurity battle and what our customers are up against every day,” said Christian Sorensen, Founder and CEO of SightGain. “On top of this, Nick has exceptional operational skills which make him an ideal executive for ensuring our customer’s success.”

Nick comes to SightGain from Blackpanda, which provides digital forensics and incident response services for companies in Asia. His roles included Vice President of Operations, where he helped dozens of companies manage their cybersecurity risk and address the aftermath of data breaches. Prior to Blackpanda, Nick served in the U.S. Army Special Forces, where he managed and executed operations in Asia and the Middle East.

“I’m very excited to be joining SightGain at this stage of its growth,” said Nick Graham. “I’ve seen firsthand the sorts of cybersecurity intrusions that happen when you cannot objectively measure your security posture. Many companies use spending or compliance as a proxy for security, but that rarely leads to improved readiness. SightGain is the only product I’ve seen that uses a quantitative approach to help companies understand actual cybersecurity performance and then help them achieve true cybersecurity readiness.”

About SightGain

SightGain is the only risk management solution focused on cybersecurity readiness. Unlike typical cybersecurity risk management solutions that estimate readiness using industry benchmark data and compliance checklists, SightGain tests and measures readiness using real-world attack simulations in a customer’s live environment. These results are used to make improvements across cybersecurity people, process, and technology. Once current readiness is tuned, SightGain combines empiric readiness data with business information and threat intelligence to build the business case to prioritize long term investments.

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