SightGain Launches the World's First Threat Exposure Management Platform

Today, SightGain announces the launch of the world’s first threat exposure management platform. Former U.S. Cybercom Officer, Christian Sorensen, launched SightGain to address the ongoing challenge of balancing cybersecurity investments and risk mitigation. SightGain believes in proactively showing security leaders how their security controls are performing against the threats they face and providing the actionable analytics they need to maximize the ROI of their cybersecurity portfolio.  

The Marriage of IT & Finance

The SightGain threat exposure management platform was created to enable organizations to measure, analyze, and improve the actual performance of their cybersecurity investments against the threats they face. SightGain tests the efficacy of your security controls and uses the results to inform operations all the way to the board. 

“SightGain is the first technology of its kind that marries IT and finance for you to solve the ongoing challenge of balancing investments and cyber risk. Organizations fundamentally need the ability to understand their actual performance against threats and improve their cybersecurity risk posture across the entire security ecosystem – people, processes, and technology,” says Christian Sorensen, SightGain Founder and CEO

New Product Offerings

SightGain has also been working on a series of product initiatives that include incorporating the addition of automated Zero Trust, CMMC, and US Cyber Command Operational assessments, automated testing of top 10 exploits used last year, and the launch of the SightGain Reporting Server (SRS), which will support customers who need to deploy SightGain to multiple networks and/or business entities by providing a centralized location to aggregate data and report on it. 

“These new additions have greatly enhanced our ability to secure our customers’ networks and protect against cyber threats. We are constantly striving to improve and evolve our security offerings, and these recent developments are a testament to our dedication to protecting our customers” says Mike Right, SightGain’s VP of Product and Engineering. 

Company Rebrand

In the last six months, the team has gone to work to re-brand SightGain to truly encompass the ethos of SightGain; identifying what security programs are missing and shining a light on an organization’s overall threat exposure. 

“With our new branding, you can see the play on “Shine the Light” in showing one of the most important benefits of SightGain; providing insight into what would otherwise have gone unseen. Revealing patterns within data or uncovering vulnerabilities that would have easily been missed. SightGain works like a black light, illuminating what is invisible but still in plain sight.” says Cami Ragano, SightGain’s VP of Marketing.  

Vendor Tool Companion

The security industry has many external ratings, vulnerability rankings, and black-box vendor scoring systems — but proving how you’d truly perform against a threat BEFORE they target you was difficult prior to SightGain.  We cut through the noise and proactively make the unknown known — allowing you to directly measure the performance of your cybersecurity investments against the threats they are supposed to stop. 

SightGain is not a replacement for your security tools but a companion to ensure that the tools within your security stack are doing what they promise. We believe in: Truth Through Empiric Data, Being Vendor Agnostic, and Continual Improvement to keep ahead of the threats.  

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