SightGain Selected as Whitehawk Vendor of the Month

The first online Cybersecurity Exchange, WhiteHawk Inc. has selected SightGain as WhiteHawk’s Solution of the Month.

This is an important endorsement of the SightGain Readiness Platform‘s innovative approach. WhiteHawk recognized SightGain’s direct mapping to a key cyber market gaps including: Measurable impact on effective automation, ease of implementation, cost effective business model, and scaling of countless maturity and compliance controls.

“At WhiteHawk, we continuously vet new cyber solutions, 1-2 a week. SightGain stands out as a gamechanger for driving SOC Operational and Skill-based Readiness and the need for ever-advancing Maturity, enabling SOC Teams to know how to continuously address: gaps, new threat vectors, training and performance excellence, and where to focus limited resources. Whether as a Cyber Enterprise or an MSSP, stop chasing the unknown and keep up smartly and efficiently,” states WhiteHawk’s CEO, Terry Roberts. “And we don’t productize – we just vet solutions and call it as our cyber technicians and practitioners see it.”

“The Cybersecurity market is in desperate need of rationalization,” says Christian Sorensen, founder & CEO of SighGain. “Our customers recognize they need a cybersecurity assessment tool that works as a catalyst to rapidly improve their maturity. We’re proud of our partnership with WhiteHawk and look forward to serving more of their strategic customers.”

With so many different cybersecurity assessment tools available, it’s exciting to see experts like WhiteHawk recognize the value SightGain brings to our customers.

The WhiteHawk online Cybersecurity Exchange takes an end-to-end risk based approach – from Digital Age Risk Identification, Prioritization, Maturity to Mitigation – using globally available open data sets, AI based risk analytics, and online platforms that provide their clients with their prioritized cyber risks, automated cyber risk roadmaps and matching to best of breed solution options, assessments, an online maturity model and virtual consults.