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Deliver continuous assessment and continuous value to your customers through SightGain’s breakthrough security performance platform. Improve your bottom line by empowering your customers to measure, test and enhance their security people, processes and technologies with SightGain.

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Unlike typical risk management solutions that estimate performance using industry benchmarks for patching and compliance, SightGain tests and measures cybersecurity performance using real-world attack scenarios across customer environments.

SightGain is transforming the way cybersecurity risk is managed. The platform ensures that an organization’s people, processes and technology are always prepared for a cyber attack. We enable our partners to offer their customers the most comprehensive insight into their security posture.

Deliver your customers a range of efficiencies and offerings that allow users and SOC teams to continuously test, measure and strengthen their security posture at a fraction of the cost and time. Advance the security offerings you provide your customers with a SightGain partnership.

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