Automate Your Cybersecurity Assessments

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Traditional Assessment Methods

  • Cybersecurity assessment teams traditionally use a manual approach to evaluate whether a mature cybersecurity program’s necessary policies and technical components are installed.
  • Discovering the Right Policies and Components exists within their program
  • That’s where it stops, the traditional assessment methods do not determine if their policies and comments are effective just that they exist.

Automated Approach with SightGain

SightGain’s automated platform offers a smarter, faster way to evaluate your cybersecurity. Our platform tests your technical controls, processes, analytics, and personnel against real threats. You’ll get comprehensive results with empirical scoring and actionable insights on areas for improvement.

The Benefits of SightGain

SightGain offers the best way to assess and benchmark your cybersecurity. Our platform gives detailed, actionable insights on your security performance, so you can make informed decisions and improve your cybersecurity posture. Plus, our automated platform saves time and money by reducing manual assessments and giving real-time data.

Not knowing that your policies are effective

This should be keeping you awake at night


Automated testing of technical cybersecurity controls, processes, analytics, and personnel against threats.

Comprehensive assessment with empirical scoring that provides insights into what is not working, why it is failing, and how to improve.

 Faster evaluation of necessary policies and technical components of a mature cybersecurity program.


 Improved security posture by proactively discovering security gaps before they are exploited

Streamlined compliance with industry regulations and standards through automated evaluation of controls and processes.

Reduced risk from cyber-attacks due to better visibility into existing threats and more efficient threat remediation plans.

How the NSA is effectively measuring their security controls

Faster, More Comprehensive Assessments: The Key to NSA’s Cybersecurity Success

NSA, the gold standard for cybersecurity, chose SightGain to assess their technical controls. Our automated approach provided comprehensive results with empirical scoring and actionable insights. This game-changing step helps NSA maintain its position as the world leader in cybersecurity.

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Illuminate the effectiveness of your security controls

The innovative SightGain platform can automatically test technical cybersecurity controls, processes, analytics, and personnel against the threats they are supposed to stop. With empiric scoring and in-depth insights into what’s not working, SightGain helps save time and money while providing actionable recommendations that can help improve your cybersecurity posture. Make sure you getting the most out of your assessments – try SightGain today