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Live-Fire Training to Reduce MTTR

SightGain training dashboard

SightGain is the world’s first live-fire cybersecurity training platform designed to reduce MTTR by training with the systems analysts use every day.  The Live-Fire Evaluation and Training Module gets your SecOps analysts in top condition, so stopping breaches becomes second nature.

SightGain Live-Fire Training Platform dashboard

Set your SecOps team up for success.

Classrooms and virtual labs don’t prepare your team for how real world tactics look and feel on your network. The SightGain Live-Fire Training Platform reduces MTTR by  safely executing malicious attacks on your production system, finding gaps in your analysts’ skills, and assigning customized training for rapid improvement.

  • Measure live-fire performance
  • Find pockets of performance and non-performance
  • Deploy individualized and interactive training
  • Improve security analyst readiness

Gamified to keep your team engaged as they rapidly sharpen their skills

Identify and address your analysts’ skill gaps that impact your organization’s cybersecurity readiness. SightGain recommends interactive training modules based on each analyst’s live-fire test results.

Interactive training modules dashboard
Live Fire Training Training Scenarios

Training scenarios designed for your team.

Conduct scheduled or unannounced attack scenarios to evaluate security analyst readiness on the job. Integrate SightGain’s testing protocol into your existing security and response systems for real-time feedback.

Ditch the lab. Train where you fight.

Test and quickly improve your analysts’ precision and speed up to 9X. SightGain safely runs attack sequences to see how they appear on your systems and ensure your team is ready for the real thing.

Web Shell Activity - China Chopper dashboard
Live Fire Composite Average Scores Dashboard

Get to the root of performance concerns.

Equip your analysts with the right combination of technology and technique. SightGain’s readiness dashboard isolates the issues within your processes, people and technology – so you can tweak, tune and optimize performance.

Don’t waste another day or dollar on the wrong tools

SightGain reduces MTTR more effectively than traditional training and simulation tools. Live-Fire training tests your security analyst readiness in real-time and provides follow-up recommendations on how they can improve.

Traditional Training and Simulations

Paper Exercises. Paper “Proof.”

Unfamiliar Territory and Tools

Toothless Simulation

Only Tests Skills, Not Environments

SightGain Live-Fire Training

Actual Performance Assessment

Live-Fire Tests in Your Real Environment

Real-World, Real-Payload, Attacks

Evaluates your People, Processes, AND Technology

It starts with SightGain

Your SOC overview dashboard

SecOps Validation

Find gaps and set up your SOC for success.

Your security operations are of more than one element. SightGain Threat Exposure Management platform gives you a single source of truth for performance insights on your talent, tools, and processes.

Add More Insight with the Risk Analysis Module

Framework scoring dashboard

Risk Analysis Software

Finally, a threat-focused approach to risk.

SightGain’s Risk Analysis Module quantifies risk exposure, finds defensive gaps, and delivers a roadmap to improve performance.

Fishing, Ninja, Target Graphic

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