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Powerful, Empiric, Cyber Risk Analytic Software

Assessment automation, built on SightGain’s risk analysis software, is the most efficient way to find defensive performance gaps, quantify risk exposure, and deliver a roadmap to improve cybersecurity posture.


Traditional risk assessments based on point-in-time vulnerability data and biased opinions offer a false sense of security. SightGain uses results from emulated threat techniques and automatic risk assessments to determine the probability and financial impact of a breach. Our cyber risk analytics platform provides a comprehensive  analysis to enable outcome-driven mitigation strategies:

  • Breach likelihood
  • Priority threat rankings
  • Organizational risk posture
  • Financial exposure
  • Data loss and downtime potential
  • Remediation and improvement roadmaps

Cyber risk quantification to rationalize your investments and consolidate tools

Stop using opinions to make million-dollar decisions. SightGain uses data from automated cybersecurity assessments to determine how all of your security investments are performing and drive toward the right tool consolidation strategy.

  • See if cybersecurity technology is performing at expected levels
  • Ensure analytics, processes, and automation solutions are working as required
  • Balance performance against cost
  • Test proposed solutions against your threats before you buy

Automated reporting & recommendations for continuous improvement

See your specific risks, track team performance, and monitor threat exposure over time. Test against the actual threats targeting your industry to ensure you optimize your risk posture.

Automatically report performance against leading risk assessment frameworks

Spend less time doing busy work and let your SecOps inform the reporting — automatically. Prove compliance for technical controls and automate the compliance process. Results are mapped to leading frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK, NIST 800-53, CMMC, NIST 800-171, FFIEC, CBEST, and ISO 27000. for consistent cybersecurity risk insights across your enterprise.

Framework scoring dashboard
cyber investment analysis

Save both time and money

Through the automated assessment process, SightGain helps prove the value of cybersecurity systems, and provides risk analytics that can be used to eliminate redundant solutions and find the right balance between mission, threat, and budget. Be able to answer questions with confidence:

  • Should we insource or outsource?
  • Should we get a new firewall?
  • Should keep both EDR and Anti-Virus solutions?


Traditional Risk Analysis Software

Spreadsheets and Calculations

Long “Data Call” Gathering Exercises

Qualitative, Human Best-Guesses

Myopic and Largely Tool-Based

SightGain Risk Analysis Software

Actual Risk Exposure

Real-Time, Real-World SOC Data

Quantitative, Repeatable Statistics

Evaluates your People, Processes, AND Technology

Fishing, Ninja, Target Graphic

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