Security Operations Performance Validation Module

Your SOC overview dashboard

SightGain is the industry’s first Threat Exposure Management Platform that provides continuous security validation. It constantly evaluates your SecOps program by revealing where your real-world performance gaps are and allowing you to pressure-test your people, processes, and technologies with real-world attacks.

You don’t need more tools.

You need the right ones.

Threat validation reveals where the gaps lie, what to train on, and how to quickly bring down your threat exposure. See which technologies and tactics are most prevalent by threat actors and your SecOps ability to defend against them.

  • Identify underperforming assets
  • Dig deep into the performance of your system
  • See data displayed in easy-to-read dashboards
  • Get empiric data about the function and efficiency of your SOC

Continuous SecOps Improvement.

Pressure-test your operating procedures, technology configurations, and escalation policies to keep your team prepared. Pinpoint operational breakdowns and map the best path forward.

  • Measure the effectiveness of detection and response procedures
  • Automatically populate frameworks like NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, Zero Trust, ATT&CK, CMMC, and govCAR
  • Validate that solutions are optimally tuned and configured
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Don’t Waste Another Day or Dollar on the Wrong Tools

SightGain reveals what traditional risk assessment tools can’t. Get the peace of mind that comes with continuous security validation.

Traditional Risk Assessment Tools

Threat Exposure Estimates

No Way to Test Effectiveness

Measures “Compliance”

Focus on Technology Checklists

Results in Spending and Tool Sprawl


Quantify Business Risk Exposure with Hard Data

Live-Fire Tests in Your Real Environment

Measures Efficacy Against Threats

Evaluates People, Processes, AND Technology Performance

Suggests Investments and Divestments Based On Proven Performance

Lack of Visibility is Your Greatest Vulnerability

Framework Scoring dashboard

Cybersecurity Risk Analysis

Finally, a threat-exposure focused approach to risk.

SightGain’s Risk Analysis Module quantifies risk exposure, finds defensive gaps, and delivers a roadmap to improve performance.

Live-Fire Training

Improve analyst performance under real conditions.

See how your analysts respond to emulated adversary tactics in your production environment. Assign individualized training exercises based on their live-fire results.

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