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Portfolio Analysis

Cybersecurity in business terms

Lighthouse enables our customers to analyze the readiness of their system and put the results into operational risk terms. This enables cybersecurity leaders to have conversations about exposure and operational risk changes from potential investments. Leaders can clearly show how the current system performs and know with confidence how future investments will change the results.

While others talk about vulnerabilities, patches, and compliance, Lighthouse goes beyond to provide empiric evidence and business results (e.g. exposure, ROI, risk buy-down, etc.)

New capabilities include

Lighthouse represents a significant innovation for our clients to prioritize their cybersecurity investments, ensuring that they are focused on the most important threats.


Faster analysis


Empiric data of actual cybersecurity readiness


Continuous validation and improvement of readiness over time


Repeatable processes that helps agencies tune currently deployed capabilities


Threat framework

Lighthouse enables users to select their preferred Threat Framework to use for analysis. Current options include MITRE ATT&CK, CMMC, NIST 800-53, and NIST 800-171 with more added every quarter. Lighthouse maps these tactics to test actions, to conduct tests clients’ cybersecurity systems, and to provide the results required to assess overall capability coverage.

Threat assessment

Lighthouse imports threat assessments and enables users to customize the platform according to specific user requirements. This process can be automated as new information is revealed.


Capability migration scoring

Lighthouse quickly assesses and identifies which which portions of your security controls are working and which portions need help by conducting comprehensive test and pulling results from test platforms.

Is your cybersecurity program optimized?

Lighthouse shows you the way to make your program optimized for mission, threat, and budget. It optimizes security investments so organizations can make the best decision based on threats and actual readiness to stop those threats.

Attack surface

Lighthouse identifies the current attack surface by combining threat assessments with readiness metrics. It quickly identifies gaps and provides recommendations for improving overall readiness .


You’re in good company

Our customers accomplish amazing things every day. They work to find cures to cancer, travel to space, build tomorrow’s innovations, and beyond.