Reducing Risk with Continuous Cybersecurity Readiness

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“New thinking is needed for cybersecurity. This ebook explains a new, smarter approach, and how to implement it.”

– Mike Janke

How to Reduce Risk and Spend Smarter

Every year organizations are pouring more money into cybersecurity – spending millions of dollars on technology and personnel. Even so, 53% of attacks are not detected until a breach takes place. Something needs to change. Reducing Risk with Continuous Cybersecurity Readiness is an invaluable resource for CISOs, SOC Directors and other cybersecurity strategists looking for answers.

to Get this Guide Now:

  1. Learn why the average enterprise still misses 53% of attacks.
  2. Understand the critical shortcomings with vulnerability patch management.
  3. Learn how the U.S. Military keeps the country safe with a continuous readiness methodology.
  4. Find out why a “continuous readiness” is the new paradigm for cybersecurity teams.
  5. Get the 15 questions that will help determine your organization’s cybersecurity readiness.
  6. See how to implement a continuous cybersecurity readiness lifecycle for your organization.
  7. Get a step-by-step workbook to Baseline, Tune and Sustain continuous cybersecurity readiness.
  8. Find how to measure your organization’s cybersecurity readiness on a 24/7 basis, including which metrics to use.

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