Datasheet about SightGain continuous readiness platform
Data Sheet

Understand the Truth About Your Cybersecurity Readiness

Assess whether your people, processes, and technology are prepared for the modern threat landscape.

Are you ready to make cybersecurity decisions based on hard performance data, rather than assumptions?

SightGain helps you get more out of your Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) tool by giving you the objective and actionable insight you need to understand how prepared your defenses really are.

Learn more about our readiness approach and how SightGain works with your BAS to offer insight into the following: 

  • How well your analysts and teams respond to relevant threats on production equipment
  • What capability gaps exist between your SOC and the current threat landscape
  • Empirical performance data that informs the overall level of business risk
  • Cybersecurity technology and personnel ROI, based on actual performance and costs

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