Security Posture Management

CISOs need threat-informed KPIs to gain confidence that their organizations are safe even when others are getting hacked. You need to know whether your people, processes, and technologies are effective, where they are not, and get specific recommendations to improve performance.

Are your tools working? Quantify the effectiveness of your security investments against current threats.

SightGain measures the performance data from all security related systems, then quantifies the contribution each makes to protecting the organization.

You gain empirical confidence in the effectiveness of your security investments, and also identify where the system needs to improve. You can proactively manage your security posture, informed by real-world data.

Want proof you are ready to stop ransomware threats? Even the newest ones?

SightGain continuously tests performance results against the ongoing barrage of ransomware, and provides alerts if issues are identified.

This gives you validation of your security effectiveness against the latest attacks. It’s determined empirically, automatically, and delivers value immediately.

Want to identify and prioritize needed operational improvements?

SightGain analyzes the actual techniques adversaries are using to prioritize testing and improvement efforts.

By understanding adversaries’ techniques, you can better prioritize your security posture improvements. Put data to work to inform your decisions.

Measure Your ROI for People, Process, and Technologies

Risk Managers need ways empirically quantify and communicate cyber risk. Disparate tools and paper-based assessments to risk management lack concrete actionable data. Building business cases has often been a difficult and manual process until now.

With SightGain, you connect and evaluate the people, processes, and technologies across your security program to fully understand what works, what doesn’t, where to improve, and where to invest.