Security Staff Training

With SightGain, you can know how your systems and team perform before the breach. Avoid down time and unrealistic classroom or range environments. Train where you fight – with emulated threats in your production systems – to find and fix issues before reality hits.


Improvements to your mean time to respond (MTTR) to threats

SightGain automatically measures the performance of security staff against real attacks and determines where issues exist.

Unlock performance metrics on your security people with prioritized areas for improvement, all identified empirically & continuously.


Case Study

Read How SightGain Helped a U.S.
Military Customer Achieve
9x faster response times.

Identification of the technology and process gaps holding your team back

SightGain measures performance by security teams for simulated attack scenarios – like for the newest onset of attacks identified by threat intelligence – and then automatically recommends additional security trainings for security staff to fully prepared for such attacks.

You now know the right training exercises for your staff to prepare them in advance of new attacks, with risks and opportunities identified continuously and automatically. 

Training and tracking staff progress against the latest threats.

SightGain continuously tracks performance of specific security teams over time, and compares performance by individual areas week to week.

You’ll be able to compare the increases and decreases in performance of specific security teams over time to know when and where to improve. And, it’s all identified continuously and empirically.