Security Ops Performance Evaluation

SecOps managers don’t know if their people, processes, and technology are efficient and effective unless they test it against the threats they are supposed to be stopping. With SightGain, you can finally have a complete and continuous awareness to know where you stand, and decide where to move next.

Validate efficiency, effectiveness, and execution across all Security Operations

SightGain measures and quantifies all operational aspects of a SecOps for effectiveness – including security people, processes, and technologies – by coordinating and tracking live-tests for new attack scenarios based on an organization’s latest threat intelligence.

As a result, you are able to evaluate your SecOps’s effectiveness against even the newest attacks empirically and automatically.

Need to prove the value of your cybersecurity investments to the board?

SightGain measures data from all security related systems, shows you what went wrong, and provides clear direction on what to remediate to stay ahead of the threat in the future. You can quantify gaps in the effectiveness and efficiency of each part of the system and identifies configuration updates that will enhance performance.

Gain confidence from the empirical evidence to prove which security improvements can remediate breaches. Rest assured the evaluation is continuous and automated. 

Reduce response times before the next attack

SightGain automatically measures the extent, sequence, and timings of blocks, detections, and alerts to quantify the efficiency and effectiveness of security personnel, procedures, and tools for new attacks. 

With SightGain, you’ll have insights from the empirical metrics on your security operation response timeliness, efficiency, and overall effectiveness. Know what works, what doesn’t, and where to improve – automatically and continuously