Your cyber risk quantification toolset

Prove it. Improve it.

How does the SightGain platform manage your organization’s threat exposure? By perfecting cyber risk quantification with actual math. Rely on data, not opinions. 

Threat exposure management is only effective if it’s supported by cyber risk quantification (CRQ) — and CRQ can only be accurate if you can get a holistic view of how your security operations are performing. That accuracy comes from being able to properly measure your people, processes, and technologies and understand how the performance of one impacts another.

SightGain’s cyber risk quantification tools do just that. Its capabilities provide the insight that security leaders need to make data-driven decisions, continuously train teams in real-time, and deliver board-ready executive reporting — all wrapped up into a single solution.

SightGain’s Built-In Cyber Risk Quantification Tools

SightGain’s core capabilities make cyber risk easy to quantify

Metrics That Matter For Every Security Role

Security organizations have no shortage of metrics about what they are stopping, but not where things are falling short. Putting the right insights into the right hands can be a challenge — especially when you’re not all using a common platform. SightGain’s cyber risk quantification solutions allow every security role to gain access to the data they need to help them know the latest results on how the program is performing and show continual improvement.