Cybersecurity Risk Management Solutions

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Make the most out of your security investments and protect your organization from the ever-changing threat landscape.

SightGain cybersecurity risk management solutions provide you with the ability to see into your security program, make data-driven decisions, and deliver board ready executive reporting that improves your overall cybersecurity posture. The SightGain Threat Exposure Management Platform provides:

  • Automatic security operations assessments that evaluate your cybersecurity posture against the latest threats
  • Clarity to see where you can reduce risk and improve operations across the entire cybersecurity investment portfolio: personnel, processes, analytics, and technology
  • Automated scoring of the compliance frameworks you follow (e.g. NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, FFIEC, CMMC, Zero Trust, etc.)
  • Evaluate the amount of risk your operations staff reduces relative to the threats you face.
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Unlock Your Security Operations with Cybersecurity Management Solutions

What gets measured gets done. But if you don’t have threat informed performance data, are you moving in the right direction? SightGain IT risk management solutions continuously measure your cybersecurity posture and performance against live-fire threats and attacks — using your real people, processes, and technology— so you can improve and know how you’d perform when needed most.

What are the Benefits of Operationalizing Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence?

Gain cybersecurity risk management with threat intelligence and prioritization.

Automate reporting for NIST, ZERO TRUST, ISO, CMMC, and more.

Exercise your People, Processes, and Technologies.

Automate training assignment, administration, and tracking.

Metrics That Matter For Every Security Role

Security organizations have no shortage of metrics about what they are stopping, but not where things are falling short. Putting the right insights into the right hands can be a challenge — especially when you’re not all using a common platform. SightGain cybersecurity risk management solutions allow every security role to gain access to the information they need to help them know the latest results on how the program is performing and show continual improvement.

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