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Automated Purple Team

Next Gen Purple Team Assessment

Traditional purple team exercises stop at improving technical controls because it is simply too hard to get the information and analyze results for security processes, analytics, automation, and personnel. This leaves the majority of security program components out of scope. SightGain does the hard work to collect and analyze the purple team data that can be used to measure performance, analyze results, and recommend improvements across the operational program. Make rapid operational in your operations and gain confidence in the overall program.

Assess and Comprehensively Improve All of Your Controls

Go beyond the technical details that traditional purple teams provide. With the SightGain Threat Exposure Management Platform you receive verifiable insights and recommendations to improve the performance across your security people, processes, analytics, and technology.

Recommendations focus

Quantify the effectiveness of your security investments.

Automate your Purple Team using Red Team tactics to stimulate the environment, then measure performance data from all security-related systems, analyze the results, and give prioritized recommendation.  then quantifies the contribution each makes to protecting the organization.

With cyber threat exposure management, you gain confidence in the effectiveness of your security investments, and can identify where the system needs to improve. You can proactively manage your cybersecurity posture, informed by real-world data. This is what your purple team program has been waiting for!

Get proof you are ready to stop ransomware threats.

Can you answer the inevitable question: “Are we protected against the latest threat?” SightGain automates testing against the latest threats to tell you what’s working, what’s not–and most importantly, how can we fix it.

Live Fire Training dashboard
SecOps Validation

Identify and prioritize needed operational improvements.

Beyond traditional purple team assessments that focus on performance of your technical stack, SightGain automates the analysis of your personnel, analytics, processes, automation, as well as the technology. SightGain analytics drive prioritized recommendations for improving performance over time.

Tests can be repeated as desired to confirm fix actions and track performance over time.  Put data to work to increase confidence in your program.

Measure your ROI for people, processes, and technologies.

Use Purple Team test results to inform compliance and executives reporting. Risk managers need ways to empirically quantify and communicate current risk as well as business alternatives for improving risk performance. SightGain Purple Team results give organization’s the empiric evidence they need to inform upcoming decisions.

With SightGain, you connect and evaluate your entire security program to fully understand what works, what doesn’t, where to improve, and where to invest.

Zero Trust Scoring
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