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Minimize your risks with SightGain

In the cybersecurity realm, when we talk about “risks” we often mean it as it relates to data — data loss, data privacy, data leaks. But, it doesn’t take into account what’s missing from most CISO’s risk management strategies. SightGain bridges the gap and offers continuous awareness with our Threat Exposure Management solution.

Eliminating Gaps and Setting Groundwork

Threat exposure management is a very dynamic strategy, and SightGain’s solution considers numerous dimensions of the IT and IoT landscape when evaluating and eliminating risks.

Managing security risks for the world’s highest organizations

SightGain is the first automated Threat Exposure Management platform to provide verifiable insights into your security people, process and technology. We go beyond what Breach and Attack Simulation platforms do so you can continuously improve your security posture against the latest threats.

Leverage SightGain to improve your security program

Enhance how your people, processes, and technologies respond to actual attacks.

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Establish Comprehensive Visibility

Gain unmatched visibility into what analysts are learning, what gaps remain, and identify the cause — while optimizing the operations that form your security system.

Ensure Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of all changes, including who has access to what, where devices are connecting, and what applications are doing.

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Prioritize Threat Prevention

Ensure your organization has the proper configuration and least-privileged access on endpoints to prevent potential attacks from occurring.

Kevin Brink
Zero Trust Manager for Navy Federal Credit Union

Kevin Brink

SightGain proactively identifies gaps in your security portfolio and then enables us to evaluate the alternative investments that work the best for our context.

Former CISO at GoHealth and VP of Global Security at TransUnion

Kirk Havens

SightGain is transformational in that it tests your cybersecurity program, analyzes the results, and reports on the effectiveness of your investments. The insights are a gamechanger for cybersecurity leadership!

Vice President of Strategy, Mandiant

Maj Gen (ret) Earl Matthews

SightGain is the missing piece that ties a security program together. SecOps (across the people, process, and tech), threat intelligence, compliance, and vital business context. This is what our customers have been asking for!

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