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Conventional SOC analyst training is often time-consuming, expensive, and not very useful. Most trainings aren’t focused around the actual threats your team faces everyday. This makes it near impossible for analysts to understand how they’d enact operational playbooks against priority threats with their existing security tools.

Prioritize Improvement Areas Based on Empirical Data

SightGain’s embedded cyber range allows you quickly improve your analysts’ precision and speed up to 9X by testing them in the environment they work in everyday. Analysts get the practice they need to be successful while SOC leadership can ensure their team is able to perform when and where it matters.

SOC Analyst Training

Live fire training proves whether your systems are enabling your analysts to reduce security risk or are holding them back. Embedded cyber range solutions increase response rates and reduce MTTR times by safely executing malicious techniques on your production system, finding gaps in your analysts’ skills, and assigning customized training for rapid improvement. With SightGain you can:

  • Find pockets of performance and non-performance
  • Deploy individualized and interactive training to mitigate non-performance
  • Tailor curriculums, scheduling, and reporting for individuals and teams
  • Track training activity and performance progress over time

See the increases in performance and relate it directly to reduced risk for executive reporting.

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Ditch the lab and train where you fight

Get to the root of performance concerns

Equip your analysts with the right combination of technology and technique. The organizational dashboard isolates the issues within your processes, people, and technology – so you can tune and optimize performance.

Design training scenarios specifically for your mission and team

Add scheduled or unannounced training exercises directly into your analyst’s queue. Integrate SightGain’s testing protocol into your existing security and response systems for real-time feedback.

Gamify SOC training to keep teams engaged as they rapidly sharpen their skills

SightGain offers interactive training modules based on each analyst’s live-fire test results and rewards them with digital badges.

Don’t waste another day or dollar on the wrong tools

SightGain reduces MTTR more effectively than traditional training and simulation tools. You can see the results on your actual systems and team. No other training solution can do that.

Traditional Training and Ranges

Focused on theory and knowledge

Use vendor provided tools & configurations

Lab based simulations 

Only Tests Analyst Knowledge & Some Skills

SightGain Embedded Cyber Range

Actual Performance Against Threats

Train in Your Actual Environment

Emulate Real World Scenarios & Techniques

Train Your People, Processes, and Tech

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