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System analysis

Prove Security for Your Most Important Systems

The Lighthouse Key Terrain module enables leaders to continuously test the functionality of cybersecurity controls to ensure they are tuned and operating as expected. Key Terrain continuously validates the security readiness of high value systems that need to be prioritized, instrumented, and closely monitored. Key Terrain enables organizations to carefully consider and balance the cyber risk associated to their most critical assets.

Threat Based Cybersecurity — Focused


Some organizations have systems that are much more valuable than the rest. Sometimes called Critical Infrastructure or High Value Assets, this “key terrain” is held to a higher standard and evaluated differently than the rest of the network. Our Key Terrain module enables our clients to evaluate these essential protections in a systematic way that enables leaders to make informed decisions about their security readiness. Like other Cyber COAST products, Key Terrain utilizes a customized threat assessment tailored our client’s environment to enable benefits that include:


In-depth analysis identifying areas for specific improvement


Continuous validation of readiness trends over time


Custom scoring and standards for High Value Assets


Contextual reporting compared to other systems

How well are the crown jewels protected?

Key Terrain highlights the security of certain systems to ensure your most crtical assets are protected.