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Train Against Real Cyber Tactics

Enabling Cyber Analysts To Train Where They Fight

Battle Stations uses security instrumentation tools to generate training events for Defensive Cyber Operations analysts, operators, and instructors. These results are placed within the organization’s training and evaluation framework for operator, supervisor, instructor, and executive review. This provides in depth analysis of individual and team readiness as well as the technology and processes that enable them.

Train Your People, by Testing Your System Against Real Threats

Battle Stations is deployed on your production infrastructure. This approach enables cybersecurity analysts to experience training in the context of daily tasks and experience adversary tactics exactly as they would if they were actually happening.

This approach fundamentally improves the traditional training concept of classroom and lab environments, which can never replicate the realities analysts experience in daily operations. Battle Stations enables planned and unannounced tests to ensure an organization is prepared where they operate every day. The Battle Stations platform truly enables our customers to train and improve readiness where they fight.


Technology gains are automatically realized in the production environment. Battle Stations clients enter a virtuous cycle where training events continuously improve their cybersecurity personnel as well as the technology and processes they use.


Who is your cyber top gun?

Battle Stations initiates, tracks, documents, and facilitates debriefs for cyber defense analysts and teams. Organizations can identify their best analysts and teams with ease.


Battle Station includes:


Automated scripts for training apprentice, journeyman, and master level analysts on effectively identifying and stopping cyber threats


Results that provide empiric evidence of who, what, where, & when of training events, so clients can discuss the why


Curated individual and organizational readiness over time

"CISOs are struggling because of the fundamental fact that there is no way to effectively understand that their security solutions are working as intended and are left wondering what these technologies are actually doing for them. "

Art Coviello

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