SightGain Threat Exposure Management

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Use SightGain to operationalize threat intelligence and see how much risk is reduced with each of your investments.

Illuminate Cybersecurity Metrics that Matter

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CIOs and CISOs
Get the evidence you need to justify your budget requests.

Use empiric data to optimize your security investments and get the resources to support your program.

Risk and Compliance Officers
Compliance is not security. Automate your compliance reporting.

Save time and money. Answer your technical controls and risk assessments with empiric evidence.

SOC Leaders and Analysts
Evaluate and sharpen the skills of analysts with Live Fire exercises against the threat techniques they face.

Quickly onboard new staff and keep your current team engaged by using the tools they work with every day.

One Platform for Every Security Role

Kevin Brink
Zero Trust Manager for Navy Federal Credit Union

Kevin Brink

SightGain proactively identifies gaps in your security portfolio and then enables us to evaluate the alternative investments that work the best for our context.

Former CISO at GoHealth and VP of Global Security at TransUnion

Kirk Havens

SightGain is transformational in that it tests your cybersecurity program, analyzes the results, and reports on the effectiveness of your investments. The insights are a gamechanger for cybersecurity leadership!

Vice President of Strategy, Mandiant

Maj Gen (ret) Earl Matthews

“SightGain is the missing piece that ties a security program together. SecOps (across the people, process, and tech), threat intelligence, compliance, and vital business context. This is what our customers have been asking for!”

Unlock your SOC.

Quantify the effectiveness of your investments

SightGain is the first automated threat exposure management solution to continuously test and improve your cybersecurity posture across your security personnel, analytics, processes, and technology stack. SightGain empowers your organization to prove and improve your cybersecurity readiness against the latest malicious techniques in one place — using results from your SIEM, XDR, BAS, SOAR, and ticketing system.

Find the right balance between mission, threat, and budget. Understand the reality of your cybersecurity posture using data from all security related systems.

Improve your vulnerability management by safely executing real-world attack simulations in your live environments — enabling your security operations team to train where they fight.

Make training part of cybersecurity risk management. Train analysts with the security investments the company has already made using a gamified approach that quickly makes stopping breaches second nature.

Save time and money. Use security results to automate compliance framework reporting. Always on-call to provide empiric evidence when compliance needs arise.

Quantify the effectiveness of your investments

Measure. Analyze. Improve.

As a threat exposure management platform, SightGain operationalizes threat intelligence by automating a continuous improvement cycle using actual security performance. It helps identify how your organization fares against actual threats. Our cybersecurity risk management solution uses real-world performance metrics and live-fire tests, not statistical estimates and best-guess “risk reduction” numbers.

Continuously Evaluate Your Cybersecurity Posture
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Safely measure investment response to real techniques for:

  • Analytics 
  • SOAR
  • SecOps Analysts


Communicate across security stakeholders with automation:

  • Configuration Updates for Technology
  • Process Improvement Recommendations
  • Analyst Training Assignments


Calculate empiric metrics for security technology, processes, and personnel:

  • Return on Cyber Investment (ROI)
  • Efficacy & Efficiency
  • Risk & Compliance

Security-focused organizations rely on SightGain for continuous threat exposure management

Better Security, with reduced spend? Prove it!

The SightGain threat exposure management platform verifies how cybersecurity controls are actually performing in your environment so you can compare them before making security investment decisions. SightGain customers experience on average:

And we have the empiric data to back these numbers up. Are your cybersecurity investments stopping current threats? Wouldn’t you like to know? Contact us today to find out.

  1. 2020 analysis of DoD endpoint protection
  2. 2019 – 2020 series of USAF projects

See. Know. Improve.

Change your approach to security with SightGain. Get fully immersed in what your people, processes, and technology are capable of — schedule a demo today!