SightGain Threat Exposure Management Platform

Do your current tools pull their weight?

The SightGain Cyber Threat Exposure Management Platform connects to your current tech stack and measures its performance. It determines the efficacy and ROI of your cybersecurity investments, while simultaneously training your team. 

Your security products have limitations, inevitably leaving gaps open for exploitation. But, how large are those gaps? And how many are there?

Connecting SightGain to your existing tech stack gives insight into whether or not your cybersecurity investments are really providing comprehensive protection. With automated and continuous threat exposure management, you get visibility into all the potential threats your organization faces — and what tools are doing their job the best (or worst)  — while simultaneously giving your team on-the-job training.

Defend with data, not hunches.

Take a modern approach to managing your organization’s entire security program with automated and continuous cyber threat exposure management for your whole business. Our platform analyzes data gathered in real-time and provides you with the information necessary to enhance security operations, diminish risk, and automate compliance. SightGain’s capabilities provide you with actionable recommendations to improve your cybersecurity posture and increase the ROI of your security operations investments. 

Traditional Risk Assessment Tools

Threat Exposure Estimates

No Way to Test Effectiveness

Measures “Compliance”

Focus on Technology Checklists

Results in Spending and Tool Sprawl


Quantify Business Risk Exposure with Hard Data

Live-Fire Tests in Your Real Environment

Measures Efficacy Against Threats

Evaluates People, Processes, AND Technology Performance

Suggests Investments and Divestments Based On Proven Performance

SecOps Performance Validation

By operationalizing MITRE ATT&CK, our approach to security operations validation automatically provides continuous threat exposure data from your security technology, processes, and personnel. This gives you a holistic view of your SecOps performance against real-world threats and helps you quickly identify the most effective technologies and tactics to better allocate your cybersecurity spend.

Cybersecurity Risk Analysis

Risk analytics quantify your risk exposure and calculate the ROI of your current cybersecurity investments, so you can better evaluate new and existing tools. By utilizing comprehensive analytics, you can efficiently allocate your security resources towards solutions that address the most probable breaches with the greatest consequences. Additionally, you can effectively communicate the performance and value of your security program to other business leaders, your board, and external compliance stakeholders.

Automated Compliance Reporting

Manual control checks are time-consuming and slow down compliance certification processes. It takes a long time to identify and fix out-of-compliance issues and update reports. With our threat exposure management platform, you can update your current framework to instead rely on automated and continuous compliance monitoring that consistently achieves both compliance and effectiveness.

SightGain Company Framework Scoring Page
Live Fire Training dashboard

Embedded Cyber Range (Live Fire Training)

Traditional training ranges and classrooms never provide an accurate view of how your security operations programs perform under pressure. SightGain trains against emulated threats using your existing tools to see how your people, processes, and technologies actually work together in your live environment. Prove how your SOC team or MDR are continually succeeding at reducing risk.

You’re being attacked right now. Are you 100% confident you’re protected?

Used by Top Security-Minded Organizations

Kevin Brink
Zero Trust Manager for Navy Federal Credit Union

Kevin Brink

“SightGain proactively identifies gaps in your security portfolio and then enables us to evaluate the alternative investments that work the best for our context.”

Vice President of Strategy, Mandiant

Maj Gen (ret) Earl Matthews

“SightGain is the missing piece that ties a security program together. SecOps (across the people, process, and tech), threat intelligence, compliance, and vital business context. This is what our customers have been asking for!”

Former CISO at GoHealth and VP of Global Security at TransUnion

Kirk Havens

“SightGain is transformational in that it tests your cybersecurity program, analyzes the results, and reports on the effectiveness of your investments. The insights are a gamechanger for cybersecurity leadership!”

See. Know. Improve.

Change your approach to cybersecurity posture with SightGain. Get fully immersed in what your people, processes, and technology are capable of — schedule a demo today!