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SecOps Performance Validation

SecOps performance management is complicated. You might know what you’re blocking, but do you know what you’re missing? It’s difficult to tell if your security operations center is truly efficient and effective unless it’s tested against real-world threats.


SightGain’s built-in security validation tools provide complete and continuous awareness of your performance gaps, and enable you to pressure-test your people, processes, and technologies against live attacks in your current environment.

Continuous security validation reveals where the gaps in your SOC lie, what to train on, and how to quickly bring down your threat exposure. With SightGain, you can:

  • Initiate safe emulations of threat techniques
  • Test in productions with the tools your analysts use every day
  • Measure the response throughout your system
  • Analyze the results
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Recommending actionable solutions

It’s only with empirical data provided by security validation tools that you can accurately measure and quantify all aspects of your security operations center.

Quantify the effectiveness of your investments

Increase response rate and reduce MTTR before the next attack

Threat Exposure Management Platform Purple laptop with a document and warning sign on top

Real-time monitoring and analysis of security events, enables organizations to detect and respond to threats much more quickly by:

  • Pressure-testing your procedures, technology configurations, and escalation policies
  • Measuring the effectiveness of detection and response procedures
  • Automatically populating frameworks like NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, Zero Trust, ATT&CK, CMMC, and govCAR
  • Continuously validating that security controls are optimally tuned and configured

Use the SightGain Threat Exposure Management platform to pinpoint operational breakdowns and map the best and most cost-effective path forward.

9X faster response times

Read the case study and discover how SightGain helped the U.S. Military achieve a 9X faster response time to attacks.

Case study showing how SightGain helped a military cyber team find and fix gaps in their defenses
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