Threat-Based Security Testing: A BS Detector for Your Cybersecurity Solutions

The cybersecurity market is inundated with solutions that promise the world (or protection from it, at least). It’s difficult to decide which ones are best for your needs and your budget with nothing to go on other than the developer’s words. The best way to make the right decision for your business is to adopt a threat-based security testing approach to cybersecurity, which means subjecting the tools you’re considering to a battery of standard tests that make sense for your industry. This way, you can measure cybersecurity effectiveness against the threats you’re facing before you make the call to put them in your production environment.

Once you have a proper approach to testing new cybersecurity tools, you can start recognizing “BS flags” on products that don’t live up to their marketing. More importantly, you can make an informed decision, ensuring you find the most effective solution for your specific needs.

Watch the video below to learn how you can apply a threat-based approach to your search for the perfect cybersecurity solution.

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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:28 Cyber Moneyball: The Problem
1:10 Cyber Moneyball: The SightGain Readiness Platform
1:32 Cyber Moneyball: Challenge To Overcome
1:46 The SightGain Readiness Approach

Cybersecurity leaders, we know you’re overwhelmed by the choices in the market. You’re inundated with marketing and sales, and there are a ton of cybersecurity vendors with a multitude of products, and you’re just overwhelmed by all of those choices. So how can you manage to make a decision you can trust for your organization in all of these choices?

0:28 Threat-Based Security Testing: The Problem

But let’s be clear, many of those solutions don’t measure up to the hype. Organizations continue to spend good money after bad, chasing the latest solution and implementing more tools than a Firestone garage. When year after year, we see organizations of all sizes continue to miss over fifty percent of adversary techniques. We know there’s a serious problem.

I still remember one large federal customer had just implemented Enterprise firewalls at each location around the world, spending over fifty million dollars to do so. These were the latest and greatest new firewalls, and yet, when we tested them, they’re blocking and detecting less than fifteen percent of the threats that we tested.

1:10 Threat-Based Security Testing: The SightGain Readiness Platform

We’ve raised the BS flag. How can you raise the BS flag? By testing current solutions and any new solution proposed to you against the adversary techniques you need to stop. You can build the standard battery of tests that will compare apples to apples how Product A performs versus Product B. And with this information, you can separate the weak from the chaff and the solutions you require versus the BS that you don’t.

1:32 Challenge To Overcome

Often, the biggest challenge that leaders have to overcome is finding the right place to start. By taking a threat-based security approach, you can be deliberate about the performance of your system and where you need to make improvements.

1:46 Cybersecurity Solutions: The SightGain Readiness Approach

So in order to raise the BS flag in your organization, you need to start testing any new product in consideration against the threats that you face. You can make the best decision for your organization by comparing the results against the needs of your organization against the budget you have. Ultimately, it can help leaders be more confident in whether new solutions can help or whether they’re just full of BS.

If you’re tired of dealing with all the BS in the market and you need a partner that can help you sort through all the decisions that you need to make, click on the link below, and we’ll set up a meeting to talk about it.