Cybersecurity First Principles #4: Cyber Readiness

You’ve already learned about the first three Cybersecurity Readiness First Principles:

  1. Be Clear on What You Are Protecting
  2. Take a Threat-Based Approach to Cybersecurity
  3. Consider: How Do We Protect It?

Now it’s time to break it down and answer the question: What is cybersecurity readiness? Cybersecurity readiness gives you the hard data you need to confidently identify gaps in your security against the threats you face, make rapid performance improvements, build a business case for future cybersecurity investments, and retire old systems that are no longer performing well. It is now possible to measure how well your people, processes, and technology are working so you can run a cybersecurity program with confidence.

In this video, you’ll get an overview of this game-changing principle, which is the fundamental strategy guiding everything we do at SightGain. Watch the video below.

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