eBook about best practices for your SOC from the US Military

Best Practices for Your SOC from the US Military

Build continuous readiness into your SOC using the U.S. Military’s methodology.

You might not be wagering lives and national security in your security operations center (SOC), but your business is deeply invested in protecting your assets and data from cyber threats. By applying the U.S. Military’s readiness model to your SOC, you can constantly evaluate the threat landscape, collect performance metrics on the preparedness of your people, processes, and technology, and adapt to changing threats.

Get your copy of the eBook for insight on how you can:

  • Have the ability to properly prioritize threat intelligence.
  • Get visibility into how well technologies, processes, and personnel are working to defend against current prioritized threats.
  • Have a clear picture of your SOC’s current readiness.
  • Deploy tailored analyst training based on what your team could be doing better.

Download the eBook to learn how you can strengthen your SOC against any attack with continuous readiness derived from real world military tactics.