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Cybersecurity Return on Investment

Up until today, there has been no real way to measure the Return on Cyber Investment (ROCI) as it relates to your cybersecurity portfolio. SightGain is the first platform to evaluate the performance of your security controls and assesses that performance against the overall cost. We enable organizations to understand which investments are reducing risks and how to optimize their security portfolio to divest from legacy solutions that are no longer performing.

Demonstrate how your people, process, and technologies perform against real threats across cybersecurity compliance frameworks

Real Money Results

By calculating the actual risk reduction each control ( e.g. Firewall, EDR, DLP, etc.) adds to the overall protection profile and factoring in the ongoing cost of each solution, we can easily determine the real ROI each solution brings to your cybersecurity program. SightGain automates the threat testing and the analysis of the results to give you real insights into each investment within your cybersecurity portfolio.

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Make “cents” of your security investments

SightGain measures and quantifies all operational aspects of a SOC for effectiveness — including security people, processes, and technologies — by coordinating and tracking live-tests for new attack scenarios based on an organization’s latest threat intelligence.

Zero Trust Assessments
Zero Trust Assessments
CCORI Assessments
CCORI Assessments
CMMC Assessments
CMMC Assessments
CSF Assessments
CSF Assessments

Score technical controls and get specific recommendations on how to fix issues

With SightGain continuous compliance monitoring you can automatically identify shortfalls and recommends solutions to make security controls effective. 

You now have continuous automated compliance reporting paired with recommendations for improvement —  all determined empirically.

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Are you ready for proof?

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ROI Calculator
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  • EDR
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  • Email Security
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Business Value being Protected

(This will be a 95th percentile confidence interval in the platform)

Divided by number of threat techniques faced by business

Multiplied by Threat Techniques prevented by FW/EDR/AV/DLP

Divided by Cost of FW/EDR/AV/DLP