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SightGain for Security Operations

Know if your people, processes, and technologies are effective.

Safeguard your organization by knowing your security operations are effective — and if they’re not, get personalized recommendations to improve their overall performance.

Know your tools and operations are working

Identify and prioritize operational improvements and the effectiveness of your security investments with SightGain.

Managing security risks for the world’s highest organizations

SightGain is the first automated Threat Exposure Management platform to provide verifiable insights into your security people, process and technology. We go beyond what Breach and Attack Simulation platforms do so you can continuously improve your security posture against the latest threats.

How your organization can leverage SightGain

Enhance how your people, processes, and technologies respond to actual attacks.

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Measure Performance Data

Gain confidence in the effectiveness of your security investments, and identify where the systems need to be improved.

Test Results Against Ongoing Attacks

Validate your security effectiveness against the latest attacks automatically, and empirically while receiving immediate value.

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Framework Scoring Dashboard

Prioritize Operational Improvements

Analyze your adversaries techniques, and put that data to work to better prioritize your security posture’s improvements.

Kevin Brink
Zero Trust Manager for Navy Federal Credit Union

Kevin Brink

SightGain proactively identifies gaps in your security portfolio and then enables us to evaluate the alternative investments that work the best for our context.

Former CISO at GoHealth and VP of Global Security at TransUnion

Kirk Havens

SightGain is transformational in that it tests your cybersecurity program, analyzes the results, and reports on the effectiveness of your investments. The insights are a gamechanger for cybersecurity leadership!

Vice President of Strategy, Mandiant

Maj Gen (ret) Earl Matthews

SightGain is the missing piece that ties a security program together. SecOps (across the people, process, and tech), threat intelligence, compliance, and vital business context. This is what our customers have been asking for!

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