Serving with the INSA Cyber Council

One of our big focus items at Cyber COAST is community outreach and service. Giving back in various ways not only helps the communities and more often than not, build us up in unexpected ways. One of our outreach efforts in 2018 is serving on the the Intelligence National Security Alliance (INSA) Cyber Council.

INSA brings together highly experienced and esteemed professionals from within government, private industry, and academia who are working toward enhancing our intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities and improving our national security.

INSA’s Cyber Council strives to provide a deeper understanding of the broad range of cyber topics faced by organizations in the public and private sectors and strengthen public-private cooperation and information sharing to mitigate threats and develop solutions. In particular, the Council’s objectives are to:

  • Provide a non-partisan forum for public-private collaboration focused on cybersecurity.
  • Work with government agencies, the private sector, and academia to identify issues and develop creative, innovative solutions to cybersecurity challenges.
  • Educate and inform INSA members, the U.S. government, private companies, academic institutions, and the American public on the vital roles played by intelligence in the cyber domain.
  • Advocate for public-private partnerships that result in the promotion of effective and efficient cybersecurity.
January 2018 INSA Cyber Council meeting with Christian Sorensen (Cyber COAST), Tom Cynkin (Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security), Kevin Zerrusen (Goldman Sachs), Al Munson (Potomac Institute), and Sam Visner (National Cybersecurity FFRDC).

Looking forward to a great year tackling risk comprehension, cyber effectiveness, infrastructure protection, cyber threats, and cyber intelligence automation.